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Health & Safety Graduate Expert Program Zaragoza

Misión y funciones

AYANET colabora en el GRADUATE EXPERT PROGRAM del GRUPO SAICA, con la selección de la siguiente posición:

Health & Safety Graduate Expert Program

Graduate Expert Program: Your chance to realise your talent and shape your future. Our Saica Graduate Expert Program is a two years program which has been designed to grow in making an impact of the world while developing professionally and personally.

Successful candidates will be provided with a structured learning curriculum developed to strengthen skills and competencies to become an Expert in their function and a results-driven leader. This includes «on the job experiences», extended leadership contact, formal training and professional development.

Our Graduate Expert program is as a stepping stone to bigger and better career opportunities within Saica as a Graduate Expert Utilities.

Some of the tasks you will be responsible for are:

To develop appropriate operational and H&S knowledge, skills and experience to enable employment as a H&S Specialist (or equivalent) at the end of a defined professional development period.
Give H&S support and advice to the organization.
Specific Tasks:
Define, plan, implement, monitor and review H&S programs and initiatives in the correspondent Business Area.
Give support to the Country/Area H&S Director and H&S network technicians of the organization in H&S Legal requirements, initiatives, programs, etc.
Support HSE training and communication activities.
Contact with H&S suppliers to define and implement standard solutions regarding training, projects, risks, technical systems, PPEs, etc.
Give advice to the organization in H&S matters
Draft and test HS Safe Methods in line with requirements of the SAICA H&S Management Framework
Analyse HS related data to provide insightful knowledge of HS performance and target areas for improvement.
Presence on site, visits to projects/depots/Customer facilities, detecting unsafe situations and risk behaviours, proposing immediate preventive solutions.


– Academic Qualification: Degree level in Engineering discipline or any discipline that gives insight into operational risk management.

– Studying abroad or professional period in a foreign country will be valued.

– High written and spoken English


El Grupo Saica está comprometido con la Prevención de Riesgos Laborales de sus trabajadores y empresas colaboradoras, el Medio Ambiente, la Calidad de sus productos y servicios y la Igualdad de Oportunidades entre hombres y mujeres. En nuestro trabajo buscamos el equilibrio entre la vida profesional y personal.


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