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Graduate Expert Process (Aguas y PTAP) El Burgo de Ebro

Misión y funciones

AYANET colabora en el GRADUATE EXPERT PROGRAM del GRUPO SAICA, con la selección de la siguiente posición

Graduate Expert Program: Your chance to realise your talent and shape your future. Our Saica Graduate Expert Program is a two years program which has been designed to grow in making an impact of the world while developing professionally and personally.

Successful candidates will be provided with a structured learning curriculum developed to strengthen skills and competencies to become an Expert in their function and a results-driven leader. This includes «on the job experiences», extended leadership contact, formal training and professional development.

Our Graduate Expert program is as a stepping stone to bigger and better career opportunities within Saica as a Graduate Expert Process.

Some of the tasks you will be responsible for are:

Promote H&S activities and follow up Q&E Systems.
Assist the production team to keep a safe and efficient operation in the whole paper making process, from raw material conveyors to finished product warehouse and effluent treatment plant and general mill areas.
Support Production Managers to promote and implement improvements in the process.
Analyse the process and the relations between its different production areas to efficiently integrate different technologies or configurations, to improve environmental impact, reduce costs, optimize the process.
Undertake short and long process optimization surveys and studies as well as troubleshooting/problem solving actions.
Activities focusing on ensuring continuous improvement of the integrated paper making operation.
Manage investments included in the annual investment plan.
Working on shifts and participating in the maintenance shuts may be necessary, supporting the teams.

The external agency Ayanet, will collaborate with Saica Group in the selection process. By sending your CV, you will be giving consent to SAICA to share your CV with the service provider, with the only purpose of participating in the recruitment process you are applying for.

SAICA is an equal opportunities employer welcoming applications from any suitable qualified individual.


– Academic Qualification: Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical, Production or similar).

Optional: Lean Management, Environmental Courses.

– Experience: have experience in a similiar role, maximum of two years working experience since the graduation.

– Studying abroad or professional period in a foreign country, minimum 8 months.

– High written and spoken English (C1)

– French will be valued.

Join our Saica Graduate Expert Program and contribute to a Sustainable World.


El Grupo Saica está comprometido con la Prevención de Riesgos Laborales de sus trabajadores y empresas colaboradoras, el Medio Ambiente, la Calidad de sus productos y servicios y la Igualdad de Oportunidades entre hombres y mujeres. En nuestro trabajo buscamos el equilibrio entre la vida profesional y personal.


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